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(Creative Consultant)

Neeraj Bhasin is the perfect combination to assist you with Video/Film Production and Marketing. He is the man with a creative heart and strategic mind to help you with producing the best video and films, loved by your viewers. Masters in film production and more than a decade of experience in Video and Film production and marketing, he holds a strong stand on when it is about the right video to sell or market.

He has been working as an independent creative director and marketer. In his tenure of working, he has worked with various brands like Videocon, Kinder, Cadburys, Kudos Ayurveda, ITC Group, Fab Market (Radio Fever), Microsoft, Maggi, Horlicks, Concentrix, and many more.

His major strengths lie in his knowledge about digital media, production, and understanding of the consumer in the market. He has always focused on delivering what is required to be seen than to be just produced.
Sales and marketing have weaker nerves but a strong impact. A small mistake can impact strongly on the image of the brand. So, it becomes a greater responsibility of the producer, brand, and associates to upload the best they have to show.

He provides various services like corporate films, explainer videos, animated videos, TV commercials, and product demonstration videos. Every service holds its own benefit and carries a great responsibility.

Mr. Bhasin understands the power of the AV medium and stands strong on the point that this era is all about these. As he says “Just learning to use a camera doesn’t make someone a Film producer. But the skill and knowledge about the right direction and story are what stand out in the league.”

The videos or films seem to be a support to the sales and marketing of any firm or brand. In this digital era, where the major influence is held by social media and then TV or any other medium, it has become a need for every advertiser, brand, start-up, SME, or even an individual to showcase themselves in the best way.

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Why Choose?

Every product and service carries its own USP. Your product and service need to be presented in a way that hits exactly to the point.

Other than the creative side of producing an attractive video or film for your product/service, important is to have a check on other parameters like Target Audience, Taste & Preferences, Colors, Themes, Language, Background, Consumer Interests, etc.

These basics of marketing help to build the right video or film for your product/service. This helps you to save a lot on your sales budget and improve your sale drastically. Understanding this our team focus on a holistic approach to customize service as per your product and service.

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